Top 5 Gifts For Her This Christmas 2020

Top 5 Gifts For Her This Christmas 2020

It’s been a strange year, hasn’t it? To have predicted a year like this would have been as hard as winning the lottery or guessing what the weather is going to be like tomorrow (that’s a little jokey joke on British weather). But it doesn’t matter about any of that now, because it’s Christmas! Well, it will be very soon and before you know it it’ll be Christmas Eve. Now is the time to do that all-important, Christmas gift shopping.

But which gifts are you going to buy?! There’s so many. We’ve had a good look through our range and we’ve created a shortlist of our top 5 gifts for her this Christmas, 2020.

Coming in at number 5…

Picture that fresh coffee smell, a creamy latté colour with a rustic concrete texture, a wooden wick and 100% sustainable soybean wax. Now, what do you have there with all those magical ingredients? You guessed it (you should be the weather person!), it’s our Coffee Creamy Latté Candle.

Now that paragraph was quite a ride, let’s unpack that for a moment.

Soybean wax is a slow-burning, vegan and 100% sustainable product that will keep your room smelling like fresh coffee for up to 25 hours constant burn time. A wooden wick is placed in the center of this candle, giving you that nice crackling sound. 

Now that’s two of your senses pleased with one candle, time for a hat-trick. Sight. This candle has a simple, stunning and unique look. Ask yourself this, when’s the last time you saw a candle pot made out of concrete with a creamy latté colour? 

If that answer is no, then look no further, head on over to the Gifts 2go website to get the full experience.

Closing in at number 4…

For number four of our top five gifts, we’re joined by our old friends, the Swarovski Elements. These beauties, partnered with eye-catching design and shiny silver-plate presents you with a Personalised Crystal Rose Ornament.

What tops this beautiful crystal rose off is the ability to engrave a personalised message onto the silver-plated plaque. Add a heartfelt message, immortalise a special date or simply just wish them a nice Merry Christmas, this personalised crystal rose offers endless possibilities for creativity.

Pole-vaulting in at number 3…

One for all those new couples out there or maybe it’s the first time you’re spending Christmas with her for the first time. We have for you this beautiful Personalised “Our First Christmas” Heart-Shaped Slate Plaque

Complemented by a natural twine to hang from for that rustic look, this hand-cut, heart-shaped slate plaque is made to be enjoyed at Christmas-time. We even sprinkle a little fool’s gold on there, just to give it a little sparkle.

All you need to do is personalise this plaque with your names as well as the year. And that’s it, it’s ready to make her smile.

Sat Proudly at number 2…

We simply can’t create a list of top 5 gifts for her without mentioning a special select from one of our biggest ranges. And that gift is, of course, the Gentle Blush Soap Flower Bouquet Bundle

This bundle is a new addition to the range and it brings together a stunning bouquet of Roses, Gerbera Daisies and Chrysanthemums in a matching gift basket with a large, single carnation all wrapped up in a bow. Both boasting that beautiful blush pink colour that will just make her go wow.

Hanging Strong in number 1…

Number one was a tough choice. We had to have a good think about this one but in the end, there could only be one top gift on the list. We present to you, the Personalised Name Gold Heart Necklace with Cubic Zirconia Pendants.

This necklace is definitely a showstopper for any occasion and what better occasion than the biggest of them all, Christmas. 

The gold-plated heart is accompanied by a large Cubic Zirconia heart pendant and a smaller pink Cubic Zirconia round pendant. Not only do these pendants offer a variety of colours, but they also bring out that shine that all great jewellery have.

Before this beautiful necklace is presented in the included gift box, we engrave her name directly onto the heart, giving this necklace that unique, personalised look.

Now that the inspiration levels are at their absolute peak, go out there and get her that perfect gift that will make Christmas 2020 one to remember. Click the product links in each of the top five gifts to go directly to their dedicated Gifts 2go gift page or check out our full range of hundreds of gifts here.

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