Mothers Day Gifts that every mum will love

Mother’s Day Gifts That Every Mum will Love

Ah yes, Mother’s Day is right around the corner and Google searches for “Mother’s Day gifts” has shot right up! Every year, people are looking for something new and exciting to show their mums how much they love and appreciate them. I’m here today to show you those ‘cliché’ gifts can still be done well. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to show how much you care!

Without sounding like an overdone cliché, my mum is my rock. She is a friend, confidante, mentor and I am the woman I am today because of her. I still live at home (leave me alone, I’m 22 and still recovering from university!), so I am lucky to be able to see my parents every day and have a really close relationship. Sometimes, when I’m going through something or need advice, she will help me figure things out and push me in the right direction. If you can’t tell, I absolutely adore my mum! I don’t need one day to tell her how much I appreciate everything she does. That being said, having a set day to spoil her rotten is an opportunity not to be missed!

Mother's Day Gifts
Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil my mum and show her how much I appreciate her!

Let’s Start with Experiences

Loads of people suggest giving your mum an experience instead of a physical gift. For the record, this is a great idea! Making memories can be much more meaningful than a bouquet of flowers. So, what are the best types of experiences to give your mum?

Spa Day

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Mums are usually overworked and underappreciated for 364 days of the year, so giving her a day to just relax and spend quality time with you can be the perfect gift. Start off the day with a relaxing full body massage to ease all of her aches and pains. Treat her to a delightful afternoon tea with some Prosecco (calories don’t count on Mother’s Day!). While away the afternoon with a full Mani-Pedi or a good soak in the spa Jacuzzi. It all sounds so heavenly!

Treat your mum to a Spa experience for Mother's Day.
Treat your mum to a Spa experience for Mother’s Day.

Host a Lunch

My mum is incredibly selfless and is surrounded by friends who love her. She loves catching up with everyone and learning what’s new in their lives – but she hardly has time to fit everyone in. There are worse problems to have for sure! A great way you can show your mum how much you care is by hosting a lunch for her and her friends. Invite everyone out to a restaurant that you know your mum loves – or if you’re feeling ambitious, invite them round to yours or your mum’s home. Create delicious finger foods that everyone can try a little piece of, and keep the bubbly topped up!

Invite your mum's friends around for a surprise lunch to celebrate Mother's Day.
Invite your mum’s friends around for a surprise lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Chores Don’t Cost Anything

The ideas above will require a little bit of time and money but helping your mum out costs nothing. Before you’re asked, do the dishes. Get to the washing machine and do the laundry before your mum can. Give the bathroom a scrub before she goes for a nice relaxing bath. If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down, help your mum out without being asked. It will lighten her workload and allow you to spend more time together doing whatever she wants!

Let Her Relax

Similar to doing all of your mum’s chores, why not cook the family dinner? Give her a night off and treat the whole family to a new roast chicken recipe, or experiment with more exotic dishes (dependant on your cooking ability of course). Afterwards, get the champers on ice and run a hot bath. Splash out (get it?) on some luxury bath products for an extra special experience. She will feel like a renewed woman!

Luxury Bath Bomb
Who wouldn’t love to spend Mother’s Day playing in colourful water?!

Gifts are Always a Solid Bet.

Anyone that says they don’t enjoy receiving gifts, even a tiny bit, is a liar. They show your mum that you were thinking of her and can last through the years to remind her every time she sees it. So, lets dive into it!


Even though they may not last very long, flowers are undeniably pretty. They’re great for adding a splash of colour to a room, especially for the beautiful season of Spring! If you know your mum’s favourite flower, grab a bunch in her favourite colour. If you don’t know her favourite flower, why not go for a bunch of daffodils? If planted properly and cared for, they will continue to flower every Spring! The main thing to consider when going for flowers for Mother’s Day is to try and put some thought into it – from favourite colours or flowers to a bouquet that will complement a room in your mum’s home. If you can, avoid something that looks like it came from a garage forecourt.

If you want to treat your mum to beautiful flowers that can do more than just look pretty, did you know that you can get soap flowers to drop into your bath? Mind = Blown.

Flowers make a beautiful Mother's Day gift.
Flowers make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift.


Gin, Prosecco, rum, wine, moonshine… the possibilities are endless. If you know exactly what tipple your mum likes, it can make a great gift. Or, you could go one step further by broadening your mum’s alcohol-related horizons! There are tasting gift sets out there for almost any beverage you can think of, with unique flavours that you may not have thought of before. The added bonus to buying taster gift sets is that your mum can try a new flavour, but if its not to her taste, she doesn’t have a full bottle to try and get rid of!

Treat your mum to her favourite beverage on Mother's Day.
Treat your mum to her favourite beverage on Mother’s Day.

Get Crafty with your Gift

While shop-bought gifts are great for getting your mum something she likes or will use, have you thought about a handmade gift for Mother’s Day? I’m not talking about macaroni collages or finger paints either! There are some brilliant little gifts you can create that don’t require a lot of time or creativity. What about cute little magnets with significant map locations? What’s even better with this guide is that you can use the instructions to make magnets for anything! Family photos, fingerprints, handwritten letters – you name it, you can make it a magnet.

Quick and Easy DIY Magnet Gift for Mother's Day
Quick and Easy Mother’s Day gift from The Happy Housie.

Go All-In

We’ve all seen the heart-warming videos of grown children paying off their parents’ mortgage or buying them a new car. If there is something your mum has wanted for a long time but has never bought it – take that opportunity if you can! It may be something extravagant, expensive, or just plain unnecessary, as long as it will make your mum happy. I’m sure that all of us would love to do this for our mums, but if you can’t right now, there’s nothing wrong with that! We’ve just included it to cover all bases of Mother’s Day gifts.

Get Personal

There is no better way to combine the meaningfulness of handmade and the effectiveness of shop-bought than in a personalised gift. From beautiful home ornaments to handy keyrings, almost anything can be personalised to give your mum a meaningful Mother’s Day gift.

Remind your mum that you're with her wherever she goes with a personalised keyring.
Remind your mum that you’re with her wherever she goes with a personalised keyring.

Include a Handwritten Note

Remember the reason for Mother’s Day. You want to show your mum how much you appreciate her and thank her for everything she does for you throughout the year. If your handwriting is terrible, by all means use the computer but if your handwriting is legible, go for the authenticity of a handwritten thank-you note. Your mum is sure to love the thought and attention you put into writing it!

Include a handwritten thank-you note for Mother's Day.
Include a handwritten thank-you note for your mum on Mother’s Day.

It Really is the Thought that Counts.

I promise you, the old saying is true. It doesn’t matter how much you can afford, or how creative you are. Your mum is an absolute saint, and Mother’s Day is her one day of the year to be treated like the Queen she is. Show her how much you appreciate everything she does, and you’ll win at Mother’s Day.

Show your mum how much you appreciate her this Mother's Day.
Show your mum how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day.

Obviously, we wouldn’t be a very good gift shop if we didn’t have some amazing gifts especially for Mother’s Day. If you’re looking for inspiration, head on over to our Mother’s Day section!

Questions? Comments? We love hearing from you! Did you get your mum something that stood out from the noise? Perhaps something unique and perfect for a busy mum? Let us know in the comments below.

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