Our Top 5 Gifts for Less Than £10

Our Top 5 Gifts for Less Than £10

Good day to yourself and welcome to a blog dedicated to our top gifts for less than ten pounds. And that’s all in, no hidden delivery charge – we don’t like delivery charges, who does right? 

Now we all love splashing out on an expensive gift to really wow that someone special, but there are specific occasions where a less expensive gift is ideal. Those occasions could be a small thank you gift for friends, a random gesture to a loved one or for the more festive period, stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts. Those secret Santa budgets are tough right? How do you find a good gift for less than £10? Don’t worry, we got you. Let’s jump right into it.

Coming in at number 5:

The hardest positions in these lists are number five and number one because every single one of these gifts is absolutely amazing. So here we have it, coming in at number five is our set of 9, pink peace rose soap flowers. Soap flowers are a favourite here at Gifts 2go just because they are so unique and versatile. 

You can use them for an amazing bath experience, adding rich colour, scent and benefits to your skin. But they’re also just brilliant room decor, they add beautiful colour to the room and they’re made of soap so they will last so much longer than fresh. They look very realistic too.

Check them out here.

Pink Peace Rose Soap Flower Heads – Set of 9

Jumping in at number 4:

Now, this star keyring is a classic gift, it’s simple, it’ll be well-used and it’s beautiful. But it has a secret, this keyring is personalised for whatever message you want. You can make this gift your own with a heartfelt message for that star in your life.

Personalise your star keyring here.

Sliding in at number 3:

Candles are always a sure bet, the only hard part is figuring out which scented candle to buy. So we’ve gone with a staple scent combo, the good ol’ apple cinnamon candle. An iconic scent gives you that sweet, slightly spicy and warm feel that all good candles give.

You even get two of these little candles. They have a combined 40-hour burn time and have a nice rustic look to them.

Check them out here.

Tip Toeing in at number 2:

Now, this gift is special in a unique way. Everyone has gifted a flower or two before, but this flower is made of soap which gives off a beautiful scent, looks the part and it lasts way longer than an actual flower. 

This soap flower is beautifully presented in a matte gift wrap with a bow tie. You can even choose the rose colour from a choice of pink or a classic red.

Choose your rose colour here.

Lewis Hamiltoning in at number 1:

Number one on this list of our tops five gifts for less than ten pounds is actually also the least expensive of the bunch! Crazy, right? Coming in at number one is our range of artisan soaps, represented by the popular seaweed soap slice. 

Handmade by a traditional cold process using Spanish olive oils, these soaps offer and amazing scent and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. A lovely treat to update someone’s bath experience.

Check out the seaweed slice and more here.

What a ride that was! Our top five gift for less than ten pounds. Finding a great gift for a small amount can be challenging, but I hope you are inspired and the ideas are running wild on what to gift on those all important birthdays, gifts for friends, secret santas and many more.

The Ultimate Soap Flower Bouquet Range Guide

The Ultimate Soap Flower Bouquet Range Guide

I know what you’re thinking: The Ultimate Soap Flower Bouquet Range Guide. 

You’re thinking, “ that’s quite a statement” — and you’d be right. 

The reason we’ve called this blog the ultimate guide is because we’re going to go through our entire 65+ (and counting!) range of gorgeous soap flowers. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in 65 options? We’ll keep trying until you can!

What is a Soap Flower?

So first all, if you’re new to the soap flower world, you may be asking what exactly is a soap flower? 

A soap flower is a fragranced, coloured soap which is carved into a realistic-looking flower, of which there are many species of. 

Think roses, daisies, sunflowers and even long, fancy named flowers like a chrysanthemum. How do you even pronounce that?! Chris-anthem-mum? Actually, it’s kruh-san-thuh-muhm.
Each soap flower is hand-made and is so realistic, to the point where they won’t even believe it’s made from soap.

What Occasions are Soap Flowers an Appropriate Gift for?

Put simply, any occasion you can think of is most definitely suitable for a soap flower gift. 

To name a few, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, birthdays and Christmas. 

Even the more general gifting occasions like house-warmings and weddings will welcome these beautiful soap flowers and they will set you apart from other gift-givers thanks to how unique soap flowers are. 

Because hey, when’s the last time you got gifted a soap flower?

Single Soap Flowers

Now that we’ve learned a new pronunciation, let’s dive right into the range that we proudly offer.

So for the more romantic, personal gift, you may want to give that special someone a single rose which on a first date symbolises love at first sight, or for the more established relationship it would mean that they are still the one. 

Below are a few samples of our single rose and carnation range:

Of course, you can find our full range here.

Soap Flowers in Gift Baskets

Our OG range of bouquets, the classic soap flowers in gift baskets are the first family of soap flowers that inspired us to keep growing our range on the website.

Coming in a normal and large version, these stunning gift basket soap flowers are filled with a variety of flower species and are a sure-fire way of making many occasions one to remember. 

The large version, featured on the left in the image below, also comes with a colour-matching ribbon to add that extra slice of eye-catching presentation. 

Both gift basket sizes come in many colours so you can pick your favourite, take a look here.

Soap Flowers in Gift Pots

Now typically when you receive fresh flowers, you put them in a nice vase or pot and gaze at their beauty, and these are the soap version of that. 

Because of this go-to style, it’s easy to see why these soap flowers in gift pots are the most popular range on the Gifts 2go website. 

Coming to you in two designs, either as a simplistic material gift pot or a “Home” style white clay pot. 
Both offer a full, colour-coordinated soap flower bouquet. They can be gifted as a lovely experience at bathtime, or to be added to room décor. Check out the full range here.

Soap Flowers in Gift Wrap

Next up is our range of soap flowers in gift wrap with a mix of twine or ribbon bows to tie it all together. 

Available in both a free-standing bouquet or a gift-wrapped bouquet in a neutral gift box, these soap flowers are a versatile alternative to fresh flowers and have a lovely fragrance.

Because of the already added gift wrap and gift box (if choosing the boxed version), they are an easy, yet unique, gift right out of the box. 
Below are an example of both the freestanding and boxed soap flowers in gift wrap, you can find our entire range here

Soap Flowers in Presentation Boxes

Now, these just look incredible, don’t they? Imagine receiving this, a lovely square gift box, filled to the brim with a huge variety of flower species, all made from fragranced soap. 

Each box also comes with holding strings for easy transport so that the soap flowers won’t get damaged. 
Below is our deep blue presentation box, but we have a bunch more in different colours here.

Soap Flowers in Wicker Baskets

Some of the latest additions to our ever-growing soap flower range. These wicker baskets are absolutely stunning and offer that fresh yet rustic look. 

Wicker baskets are especially popular during summer, but really they’re just a beautiful year-round gift that is sure to impress.

They come in both a medium and large size, large being on the left in the image below showcasing both. Each basket, medium or large come with a full bouquet of soap flowers and are all colour coordinated. 

Some examples of colours available are Lovely Lilac, Gentle Blush and Love Luxury.
You can find the full range online here.

Soap Flower Head Sets

Coming to the end of our soap flower range exploration are these hand-crafted, realistic soap flower heads.

Available in sets of three, nine or twenty-four. Quite a jump from nine to twenty-four but it comes in a really nice heart shaped packaging so it just adds that lovely finish to them. 

Each three or nine set comes in multi-colours, with the nine coming in slightly different shades but they all come together perfectly.

Soap Flower Bundles

And last but absolutely not least, our latest additions to the soap flower range – the new soap flower bundles.

We took the most popular bouquets from our range and put them all together in a stunning, colour coordinated bundle for you to enjoy for yourself or send to that very lucky someone.

With more coming soon, take a look at this example of one of our bundles. It includes a gift pot, gift clay pot and gift basket. 
Go over to the Gifts 2go website and check them out here.

Soap Flowers for All Occasions

We’ve come to the end of our ultimate soap flower bouquet range guide and I hope you’ve learned lots and are eager to start exploring the range on the Gifts 2go website.

Lets talk about some additional benefits.

Delivery on all soap flowers is fast, and more importantly free within 3-5 days.

With each bouquet, you can add a gift message. So if you’re looking to send soap flowers directly to that special someone, they’ll know who sent them and will be greeted with a lovely message from yourself.

Top 5 Advantages of Soap Flowers: Why You Never Need Real Flowers Again

Top 5 Advantages of Soap Flowers: Why You Never Need Real Flowers Again

Good day to yourself and welcome to a post all about the benefits and advantages of soap flowers. Now you may be asking yourself “why am I reading about soap flowers?”. It’s the Google search equivalent of watching the suggested videos on Youtube. You’ll end up staying up until 2am, watching a video about someone opening a 30-year-old can of spaghetti hoops (oddly specific and yes I’m speaking from experience, I know you’re wondering what the outcome was now so here it is – they were fine).

That paragraph was meant to be a brief introduction to soap flowers. Instead, I ended up writing about spaghetti hoops and it’s too long a paragraph now so we’re gonna jump right into it. Here we go, our Top 5 Advantages of Soap Flowers: Why You Never Need Real flour Flowers Again.

What is a soap flower and how do they compare to real flowers?

Well, I’m glad you asked. A soap flower is fragranced soap, crafted into the shape of real flowers. More specifically, roses, carnations, gerbera daisies and even a sprinkling of chrysanthemums. Here’s an image of what they look like.

Now, that to me looks pretty convincing. Look at the detail there – the individual petals, the vibrant colours and you best believe that those flowers boast a beautiful floral scent.

Soap flowers look like real flowers, so what? Now because they’re made from soap, they have a ton of convenience benefits that the real deal can’t have. Here are a few.

  1. They last longer – WAY longer.
  2. Each individual flower is packed full of beautiful floral scents.
  3. They’re great bathroom décor – they come in so many colour options so they will most likely suit your room style.
  4. Great for bathtime – add one or two flowers to warm water to reveal a lovely fragrance. They’ll leave your skin feeling soft, silky and refreshed.
  5. Cost-effective and unique.

When should you get these?

Unlike real flowers, there isn’t really a season to buy soap flowers. You don’t have to wait for the warmer, sunny months to get a lovely rose – so being available all year round makes these soap flowers a versatile gift.

Everyone loves receiving flowers. They’re always a welcomed gift but they do suffer from big cons like high prices and short life. The other alternative, of course, would be plastic fake flowers. They solve the issue of high prices and they’ll last a long time. The big issue there is 1 – they don’t have a fragrance and 2 – most of the time you can tell quite fast that they’re fake. Soap flowers offer the best of both worlds. They last a long time, so partnered with their vibrant colours they’re great for décor and complemented with a beautiful floral scent.

Can’t have a blog without a good ol’ fashioned meme in there. Lovely.

Now that we’ve established that you can buy these vibrant beauties all year round, let’s talk about occasions. Think about events you’d usually buy flowers for:

  • Birthdays.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Weddings.
  • Valentine’s day.
  • Mothers day.
  • Treat yo self days.

Soap flowers are great for all these and they are a unique twist to the popular gift of flowers. Think about it, when’s the last time you received soap flowers?

Warming to the idea of Soap? What are my options?

As I mentioned before, these soap flowers are great for adding a little colour to your décor. So naturally, they come in a bunch of different options. Here are a couple of different combinations of colour. I’d highly recommend checking out all 20+ options in our range. There’s even more to come – we just haven’t added them all yet, exciting right?

Left – Deep Blue Soap Flower Bouquet in Gift Box
Second from Left – Summer Soap Flower Bouquet
Second from Right – Summer Soap Flower Bouquet in Gift Basket
Right – Garden Green Flower Bouquet in Presentation Box

Summary of Soap Flowers.

So here we are, the end of the blog. I hope you’ve learned some new things and have an ignited enthusiasm for these lovely and unique gifts. Now you know all the great benefits like:

  • Leaving your skin feeling silky and soft at bathtime.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Floral fragranced.
  • Realistic designs of classic flowers.
  • Low cost.
  • Great décor.
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