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6 Essentials for the Ultimate Cleaning Gift Basket

Ever thought of giving household cleaning items as gifts? No? Turns out, they make great gifts! They’re something everyone has to use, never wants to buy and always seem to run out at the most inconvenient time. Cleaning gift baskets also make great gifts for University students, who will most likely shed a tear when you buy them actual branded floor cleaner instead of the sulfuric acid they’ve been stealing from the Chemistry labs. Take a look at our new blog post for cleaning gift essentials to make your hamper a hit.

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Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts are those that you know you will use. That’s why, in the season of Spring Cleaning, we’re talking about the best gifts to include in a cleaning gift basket to make 2019 the year that the Spring Cleaning actually gets done… in the Spring. Unrelated: has anyone else got weirdly into ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ or is that just me?

We’ve outlined our favourite products for getting the cleaning done in style… and after 5 hours of binging Netflix shows. 

1.  Scrub Daddy Sponge (£5.25, Amazon UK) – Not only does this sponge has some really cool science that makes it a great cleaning tool, it looks so adorable! I mean come on, you can’t go all day cleaning with this thing and not be in a good mood, look at his happy little face! 

2. Novelty Marigolds (£4.76, Find Me a Gift) – Feel like the meanest, cleanest diva in these gorgeous marigolds, Darling! Fashionable Spring Cleaning just got effortless, or absolutely hilarious, depending on how well you can pull off the look. Either way, an absolute must-have in the arsenal of cleaning gear.

3. Antibacterial wipes (£2.00, Sainsburys) – There isn’t really anything witty or hilarious I can say here (I know, it’s hard for me to believe too), sometimes, you just need to grab a wipe. They’re always handy to have around when you’re cleaning, and you know that you’ll miss them as soon as they’ve run out. Don’t give yourself the excuse to procrastinate on the Spring Clean, stock up and get to work!

4. Sticky Stuff Remover (£3.99, Lakeland) – You know when you’re cleaning, and you come across a bit of goo and wonder ‘how in the hell did that get there, what is it and why isn’t it coming off?’. Whatever you try – soapy water, alcohol, military-grade flamethrower – it just won’t budge. Don’t let the Spring-Cleaning grind to a halt because of a bit of stick, just reach for the sticky stuff remover.

5. Wireless Speaker (£22, Amazon UK) – Music makes everything better, and that includes the seemingly never-ending task of Spring Cleaning. Stick your favourite tunes on, do your best Freddie Mercury impression and see how fast the chores go by! 

6. Gift Basket – While you can go for the timeless elegance of a wicker hamper basket to present your gifts beautifully, why not take full advantage of the cleaning theme? Laundry baskets come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you’re sure to find one that will perfectly house all of your cleaning supplies while looking very appealing.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Is this blog post really necessary? Do real people actually give cleaning products as gifts and not just for the Pinterest inspo? The short answer to that question is absolutely – just do a Google search for ‘cleaning product gift basket ideas’ and prepare to feel inspired and maybe a little overwhelmed.

The truth is, cleaning products can be expensive, and there is truly nothing worse than mentally preparing yourself for a hardcore cleaning session and finding just a dribble of out of date bleach left (can bleach go out of date?). Set your gift recipient (or yourself!) up for cleaning success!

Once you have all of the elements together for your cleaning gift box, present nicely in a box wrapped in cellophane. As a bonus gift, include a box of chocolates to celebrate with once the cleaning is finished! Just make sure the chocolates can’t be mistaken for urinal cakes… or vice versa.

If you fancy going one step further, or your gift recipient-to-be already has a spotless house (good for them… seriously), why not get them something to spruce up a room or add a splash of personality? Our Personalised Framed Old Series Map is the perfect balance between vintage and chic, while adding character to a room with personalised text underneath. Choose an important location to them, perhaps where they first met their partner, where they bought their first house, or their hometown. Just send us the postcode and we will send you a vintage map print of that exact area for them to display proudly in their home. 


Personalised Old Series Map Print in Frame

Naturally, this isn’t an exhaustive list of everything you can include in a cleaning gift basket… but they’re definitely the essentials – and if it encourages even one university student to clean their accommodation for the chance of salvaging at least a little bit of their housing deposit back, I will know I’ve done my job right.

Have you made a cleaning gift basket before? What did you include in it? Did the recipient love it or avoid you for the next 12 months? Let us know in the comments below!

TL;DR – Cleaning products are a perfectly practical gift to give and can set your gift recipient up for a successful Spring Clean. Alternatively, they make great survival packages for poor university students living in borderline bio-hazardous student accommodation.

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