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Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Hello, lovebird and welcome to the Gifts 2go guide to finding her the best Valentines Day gift possible. Now, I might not have all the answers, but hopefully, this blog will get those creative ideas flowing. With Valentines Day, it’s about the gesture, your gift should mean something and a reminder of your relationship. Look at me, getting all mushy like. Let’s get into it!

Warming hearts at number 5

Now depending on the person, the mug itself might be a winner. However, if she’s a fan of ripping up wrapping paper, I’d recommend pairing this mug with something. Maybe flowers (we’ll get to that in a bit) or maybe some fancy coffee or whatever hot drink she likes. If she likes hot chocolate, you’d better get some marshmallows, chocolate shavings and the works. Anyway, back to the mug.

I have here a very clean red rose design with the classic ‘me to you’ bears. You can put her name on the front in a nice calligraphy font and then add a short message on the back. Lovely.

Personalise her mug here.

Standing strong at number 4

Wait, what? The mug didn’t peak your fancy? No problem, I’ve got a few more to show you. For number four, I present to you the personalised crystal rose ornament. The rose is silver-plated with a crystal head. Shiny all over. The best part is the personalisation, there is a small plaque at the bottom where you can add a short message to that someone special.

Personalise her rose here.

Holding wine at number 3

Coming back to the idea of things holding liquids, check out this his and her wine glass set. This gift is great if you like wine as well, not so great if you don’t, though. You can add each of your names onto the glasses and it has “his lordship” and “her ladyship” as fixed text. The glasses set comes in a silk-lined presentation box to give it that luxury feel. 

Check this set out here.

Scenting in at number 2

The classic rose is a staple of Valentines Day. But it can get repetitive every year, can’t it? How about a flower, but it’s not real, lasts way longer and isn’t plastic? I mean, of course, the trusty soap flower bouquet. Presented in a lovely gift wrap and matching ribbon, check out this beautiful, hand-carved, single carnation soap flower. It comes in either pink or red! 

It’s not personalised, but it definitely speaks for itself. Maybe this could go in the mug from number 5? Remember, creativity is always well received on Valentines Day.

Check it out on our website here.

Bubbling in at number 1

Coming in in pole position, we have ourselves a lovely personalised bottle of champagne. Though this one won’t be shaken up and sprayed by Mr Hamilton. 

The label is fully personalised with plenty of space for a heartfelt message and has a classic chalkboard and gold border. It comes in a lovely sheer organza bottle bag to give it that extra special look.

The bottle alone would make a really great gift. But if you want to go the extra mile, I’d recommend adding in something to go with it. It could be a soap flower, maybe a nice candle or some chocolates.

Either way, take a look at this beautiful bottle over here.

There we have it, our top 5 Valentines Day gifts for her. Now that the creativity is flowing, go out there and get her the best, most heartfelt Valentines Day gift ever! If you want to check out even more options, take a look at our specially selected Valentines Day gift range for her here.

The Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts for Him

The Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Hello lovebird and welcome to the Gifts 2go guide for our top 5 Valentines Day gifts for him. Valentines Day is the love showstopper time of the year where you show that special someone how much they mean to you. If you’ve got a guy who is notoriously tricky to buy for, don’t worry, this guide should give you a few ideas to get the creativity flowing. Let’s get straight into it.

Pouring in at number 5

A lot of guys like a practical gift, and if he likes a pint then this gift is a sure thing. It’s called the beer-o-meter and it’s a fun, novelty pint glass. You can add his name directly onto the glass so there’s no mix up between his, and someone else’s beer-o-meter. It’s unlikely, but it could happen. 

Mushing by at number 4

If you’re looking for a gift that pulls on the ol’ heartstrings, this two halves heart keyring is a nice way to carry each other’s memories with you wherever you go. Personalise each half with your names and gift them their half to take with them everywhere they go. 

Partying by at number 3

Staying with the heart theme is a simple yet unique mug design. This multi-coloured confetti heart mug set is a nice addition to the kitchen cupboard and is a reminder of a special Valentines Day. Personalise each mug with your names in a gold calligraphy font and add a shared, short message on the back of both.

Shrinking down in number 2

Stepping up from the pint glass in terms of percentage, I present you with, and maybe you’ll present him with, a classic Jack Daniels whiskey and tumbler gift set. The best part about this set, apart from the whiskey, is that you can personalise the tumbler with a short message to that special someone. It even comes in a nice gift box, lovely.

Chaining in at number 1

At this point, the headings don’t really make sense. More just a vague reference to what I’m about to show you. But here we are, number 1 in the top 5 Valentines Day gifts for him. I give you, the personalised message stainless steel thick chain bar bracelet. This lovely bracelet can be personalised with two lines of a heartfelt message or even just putting his name on it would really make this gift one to remember.

There we have it, Gifts 2go’s top 5 Valentines Day gifts for him. Now that the creativity is at its peak potential, go out there and get him the gift he deserves! One that is thoughtful and special to him and your relationship. If you want to check out more options for him this Valentine’s Day, head over to our website to see our specially selected range. Oh look, here’s a link.

Our Top 5 Gifts for Less Than £10

Our Top 5 Gifts for Less Than £10

Good day to yourself and welcome to a blog dedicated to our top gifts for less than ten pounds. And that’s all in, no hidden delivery charge – we don’t like delivery charges, who does right? 

Now we all love splashing out on an expensive gift to really wow that someone special, but there are specific occasions where a less expensive gift is ideal. Those occasions could be a small thank you gift for friends, a random gesture to a loved one or for the more festive period, stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts. Those secret Santa budgets are tough right? How do you find a good gift for less than £10? Don’t worry, we got you. Let’s jump right into it.

Coming in at number 5:

The hardest positions in these lists are number five and number one because every single one of these gifts is absolutely amazing. So here we have it, coming in at number five is our set of 9, pink peace rose soap flowers. Soap flowers are a favourite here at Gifts 2go just because they are so unique and versatile. 

You can use them for an amazing bath experience, adding rich colour, scent and benefits to your skin. But they’re also just brilliant room decor, they add beautiful colour to the room and they’re made of soap so they will last so much longer than fresh. They look very realistic too.

Check them out here.

Pink Peace Rose Soap Flower Heads – Set of 9

Jumping in at number 4:

Now, this star keyring is a classic gift, it’s simple, it’ll be well-used and it’s beautiful. But it has a secret, this keyring is personalised for whatever message you want. You can make this gift your own with a heartfelt message for that star in your life.

Personalise your star keyring here.

Sliding in at number 3:

Candles are always a sure bet, the only hard part is figuring out which scented candle to buy. So we’ve gone with a staple scent combo, the good ol’ apple cinnamon candle. An iconic scent gives you that sweet, slightly spicy and warm feel that all good candles give.

You even get two of these little candles. They have a combined 40-hour burn time and have a nice rustic look to them.

Check them out here.

Tip Toeing in at number 2:

Now, this gift is special in a unique way. Everyone has gifted a flower or two before, but this flower is made of soap which gives off a beautiful scent, looks the part and it lasts way longer than an actual flower. 

This soap flower is beautifully presented in a matte gift wrap with a bow tie. You can even choose the rose colour from a choice of pink or a classic red.

Choose your rose colour here.

Lewis Hamiltoning in at number 1:

Number one on this list of our tops five gifts for less than ten pounds is actually also the least expensive of the bunch! Crazy, right? Coming in at number one is our range of artisan soaps, represented by the popular seaweed soap slice. 

Handmade by a traditional cold process using Spanish olive oils, these soaps offer and amazing scent and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. A lovely treat to update someone’s bath experience.

Check out the seaweed slice and more here.

What a ride that was! Our top five gift for less than ten pounds. Finding a great gift for a small amount can be challenging, but I hope you are inspired and the ideas are running wild on what to gift on those all important birthdays, gifts for friends, secret santas and many more.

Candle Gifts - Festive Scents and Candle Designs

Candle Gifts – Festive Scents and Candle Designs

There’s a lot of blogs out there talking about a bunch of topics and you might be wondering – is this blog relevant to me? I’ve got one question for you, do you have a nose? Right, now that we’ve removed all doubt lets get into it, candle gifts – a meaningful small gift for many occasions.

Getting into the festive spirit with candles

Firstly, let’s talk about how they make you feel, and not the kind of feelings you talk about in therapy, the good ones. Smelling a beautiful scent can turn a mood around and as we’re coming into the colder months of the year and the big C – Christmas. Let’s look at some scents that give you a warm feeling and possibly get you into a festive spirit. Some classic scents come to mind:

Apple and cinnamon candle

The classic apple and cinnamon combo gives you both a sweet and spicy scent that will get you through those chilly winter nights. Check out this A-list smell in our candle range here.

Brandy butter candle

Traditionally used for Christmas pudding and mince pies, brandy butter is a lovely comforting flavour. We’ve captured this flavour in soy wax, placed in a unique, stylish concrete candle pot. Check it out here.

Fig and blackcurrant candle

The fruity scents from fig and blackcurrant is another winter favourite and will get you excited for those fruity Christmas puddings. It’s also a great scent when you want a bit of sweetness in the air.

What different candle designs are there

There is no end to the different scent combinations, wax compositions and wick types that create incredible candles. But what about the pot that the candle sits in? Lets talk about some of the many designs that hold your candle.

Clear glass candle pots

Ah yes, the classic glass candle pot – but what shape? There’s all sorts, jars, jugs, how about those circular, textured ones? It really all depends on your style, the decor of the home or room that the candle is going into. Some candles even come with a cork top and a natural tag and twine for a nice rustic look.

Vanilla Shortbread Soy Jar Candle
Relaxing Soy Pouring Glass Candle
Winter Berry Soy Candles

Concrete candle pots

Concrete?! Yep, although, presented in a much prettier way than the stuff churning around in a cement mixer. A concrete candle pot gives off that nice rustic feel, it’s also a fairly unique design so they’re great for those who like unusual gifts. Here are a few examples of concrete candle pots:

A lovely circular concrete pot with rich green paint to match a room’s decor. The concrete is lightly textured to add a bit more depth. With all our concrete candles, we use a wooden wick to give you that nice crackling sound – brilliant for background noise or to give a cosy feeling. This particular candle has a natural herb and sea moss fragrance. Check it out here.

Ooo what’s that? That, is a double wood-wicked concrete candle in a rectangular shape. Cool right? The double wick allows the whole candle to burn evenly and cover that pesky corner wax. This candle is our spiced south sea lime scent, you can find it on the Gifts 2go website here.

You might be thinking, well won’t concrete scratch whatever I put it on? You would be correct, however, we put anti-scratch pads on all our concrete candles so that can’t happen.

Lastly, another circular candle pot but with one unique feature, a motif of the scent that it holds. I present to you, the juniper berry and sweet gin candle. The concrete pot itself has a juniper berry motif embedded onto the front, it’s like the concrete was made for it! Very cute. Check it out.

Wax candle pots with real flowers

Wait, the pot is made of wax too? Won’t it melt? Nope, it’s a harder wax and it has a very cool feature which is that the pot itself is solidified with real flowers inside it. With a choice of real roses or lavender, you can choose a square design (pictured below) or a bowl. The actual scent of the candle is whatever flower you choose. 

Wow, what a ride huh? We’ve learned about a bunch of different candles, all unique in their own right. From scented candles that will get those festive spirits flowing to a showcase of a variety of candle designs. Now that you’re fully inspired, go out there and choose the right candle for you! Here’s a handy link to a whole bunch of candles.

Top 5 Gifts For Her This Christmas 2020

Top 5 Gifts For Her This Christmas 2020

It’s been a strange year, hasn’t it? To have predicted a year like this would have been as hard as winning the lottery or guessing what the weather is going to be like tomorrow (that’s a little jokey joke on British weather). But it doesn’t matter about any of that now, because it’s Christmas! Well, it will be very soon and before you know it it’ll be Christmas Eve. Now is the time to do that all-important, Christmas gift shopping.

But which gifts are you going to buy?! There’s so many. We’ve had a good look through our range and we’ve created a shortlist of our top 5 gifts for her this Christmas, 2020.

Coming in at number 5…

Picture that fresh coffee smell, a creamy latté colour with a rustic concrete texture, a wooden wick and 100% sustainable soybean wax. Now, what do you have there with all those magical ingredients? You guessed it (you should be the weather person!), it’s our Coffee Creamy Latté Candle.

Now that paragraph was quite a ride, let’s unpack that for a moment.

Soybean wax is a slow-burning, vegan and 100% sustainable product that will keep your room smelling like fresh coffee for up to 25 hours constant burn time. A wooden wick is placed in the center of this candle, giving you that nice crackling sound. 

Now that’s two of your senses pleased with one candle, time for a hat-trick. Sight. This candle has a simple, stunning and unique look. Ask yourself this, when’s the last time you saw a candle pot made out of concrete with a creamy latté colour? 

If that answer is no, then look no further, head on over to the Gifts 2go website to get the full experience.

Closing in at number 4…

For number four of our top five gifts, we’re joined by our old friends, the Swarovski Elements. These beauties, partnered with eye-catching design and shiny silver-plate presents you with a Personalised Crystal Rose Ornament.

What tops this beautiful crystal rose off is the ability to engrave a personalised message onto the silver-plated plaque. Add a heartfelt message, immortalise a special date or simply just wish them a nice Merry Christmas, this personalised crystal rose offers endless possibilities for creativity.

Pole-vaulting in at number 3…

One for all those new couples out there or maybe it’s the first time you’re spending Christmas with her for the first time. We have for you this beautiful Personalised “Our First Christmas” Heart-Shaped Slate Plaque

Complemented by a natural twine to hang from for that rustic look, this hand-cut, heart-shaped slate plaque is made to be enjoyed at Christmas-time. We even sprinkle a little fool’s gold on there, just to give it a little sparkle.

All you need to do is personalise this plaque with your names as well as the year. And that’s it, it’s ready to make her smile.

Sat Proudly at number 2…

We simply can’t create a list of top 5 gifts for her without mentioning a special select from one of our biggest ranges. And that gift is, of course, the Gentle Blush Soap Flower Bouquet Bundle

This bundle is a new addition to the range and it brings together a stunning bouquet of Roses, Gerbera Daisies and Chrysanthemums in a matching gift basket with a large, single carnation all wrapped up in a bow. Both boasting that beautiful blush pink colour that will just make her go wow.

Hanging Strong in number 1…

Number one was a tough choice. We had to have a good think about this one but in the end, there could only be one top gift on the list. We present to you, the Personalised Name Gold Heart Necklace with Cubic Zirconia Pendants.

This necklace is definitely a showstopper for any occasion and what better occasion than the biggest of them all, Christmas. 

The gold-plated heart is accompanied by a large Cubic Zirconia heart pendant and a smaller pink Cubic Zirconia round pendant. Not only do these pendants offer a variety of colours, but they also bring out that shine that all great jewellery have.

Before this beautiful necklace is presented in the included gift box, we engrave her name directly onto the heart, giving this necklace that unique, personalised look.

Now that the inspiration levels are at their absolute peak, go out there and get her that perfect gift that will make Christmas 2020 one to remember. Click the product links in each of the top five gifts to go directly to their dedicated Gifts 2go gift page or check out our full range of hundreds of gifts here.

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